Mars, and the future!

2013-07-26 21:42:09 by LemonCrush

Mars was a relative success! One of my most praised things I've ever done.! Thanks so much to anyone who listened, reviewed, followed on twitter, and subbed on youtube. Every comment was hugely appreciated.

While some of you loved it, some thought it was meh, and that's just fine! The record was a personal one to me first and foremost, and represented a lot of things I was feeling during the recording, and upon starting recording and finishing, and finally releasing it. I feel like, as an artist, I've been reborn.

So what's next for ol' LC? Well, i'm currently working on the next project. I'm shooting for a release date of September 18, but only time will tell. As we draw closer to that time, I'll leak and show some stuff, but right now, I don't want to give too much away, especially while the next project is still in an embryonic phase

Having said that, I will say this. It will be another EP. I've made the decision, at least for now, to somewhat abandon long-playing, full length releases for a while. This is just simply an artistic decision, because i feel like it's easier to manage a creative workload, and stay in the public eye when releasing things more frequently. EP and shorter releases allow me to do that. Long-playing records are more difficult. They demand more attention, and more work.

I hope everyone stays tuned because cool stuff is on the way!


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2013-11-12 02:44:06

McDonalds is pretty gross after awhile, just saying.

LemonCrush responds:

Oh....k? :/


2014-05-15 06:55:30

you are really self absorbed...

LemonCrush responds:

And YOU don't make any sense :)