Entry #8

LemonCrush RIP...

2014-09-21 04:46:30 by LemonCrush

Yep, LemonCrush is dead...

But seriously, yes, I am retiring the name LemonCrush.

Simply put, I've just outgrown the name. Nothing will change musically I suppose. All that's changing is my name.

LemonCrush, as a name and idea was something I created when I was 17 or 18...I was still a boy, you know? Now years later, having gone though lots of stuff, college, my first heartbreak, and just becoming an independent man, I'm not the same person I was seven years ago...plus the name was a bit silly...

So I've just decided to use my real name...so head on over to my new account http://gcalvert.newgrounds.com/


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2014-09-21 16:45:30

That's a shame. I liked the name LemonCrush.


2014-10-04 23:42:26

LemonCrush sounds swell.